Latin Name: 
Puccina cynodontis

Turf Diseases

Habitat & Timing:
Many species of Rust occur on turf grasses and symptoms are normally seen in the summer and autumn; the most commonly affected grasses are Perennial ryegrass, Cocksfoot and Annual, Smooth-stalked and Rough-stalked meadow grass

Rusts are fungi of the order Uredinales, many of these species are plant parasites. These rusts have two or more hosts and up to five spore stages. Their spores are airbourne and can travel great distances. They mostly cause foliar infections

Rusts appear as small chlorotic flecks followed by orange or brown spore pustules on the leaves, either scattered randomly or in lines

Other Problems

Dollar spot


Schädling/Krankheit zeigen

White Rust

Chrysanthemum white rust is a disease of plants caused by...

Schädling/Krankheit zeigen
Red thread

Red thread/Pink patch

Schädling/Krankheit zeigen